Thermodynamics of Minimal Coupling Quantum Heat Engines

Zapraszamy w środę 10.06.2020 o godz. 14:00 na seminarium.

Seminarium ONLINE pod tytułem: "Thermodynamics of Minimal Coupling Quantum Heat Engines" poprowadzi Marcin Łobejko, UG / ICTQT

Abstract: The minimal-coupling quantum heat engine is a thermal machine consisting of an explicit energy storage system, heat baths, and a working body, which couples alternatively to subsystems through discrete steps - energy conserving two-body quantum operations. Within this paradigm, it is presented a general framework of quantum thermodynamics, where a process of the work extraction is fundamentally limited by a flow of non-passive energy (ergotropy), while energy dissipation is expressed through a flow of passive energy.  The main result is finding the optimal efficiency and work extracted per cycle of the three-stroke engine with the two-level working body. One of key new tools is the introduced "control-marginal state" - one which acts only on a working body Hilbert space but encapsulates all the features of total working body-battery system regarding work extraction.







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