Positive Maps and Matrix Contractions from the Symmetric Group

Zapraszamy w środę  08.04.2020 o godz. 10:15 na seminarium.

Seminarium ONLINE pod tytułem: "Positive Maps and Matrix Contractions from the Symmetric Group" poprowadzi Felix Huber, ICFO (Castelldefels)

Abstract: The study of polynomials that are positive on certain sets has a rich history, going back to Hilbert's seventeenth problem. Here we will look at multivariate polynomials (and more generally, contractions) that have matrices as their variables. These are constructed such that they yield positive semi-definite expressions whenever they are evaluated on the positive cone, extending the well-known concept of positive maps as used in entanglement theory to the multilinear case. We will present connections to polynomial identity rings and central polynomials, concepts that found applications in quantum information in the context of MPS bond dimension witnesses and remote time manipulation.



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