Applications of single photon technologies

Zapraszamy w piątek  28.02.2020 o godz. 12:15, sala 361 na seminarium.

Seminarium pod tytułem: Applications of single photon technologies"" poprowadzi Piotr Kolenderski, Single Photon Applications Laboratory  


Quantum communication offers a selection of methods for absolutely secure exchange of information. There are two particular links which are used in practice: fibers and free space. The latter implemented using satellites is more challenging, but offers substantially longer ranges.During my talk I will present two projects running in our lab at Nicolaus Copernicus University, which are related to satellite based quantum communication. The first one aims in building a ground station for a satellite receiver link. The second one is a joint effort with Syderal Polska and Gdansk University, where the goal is to build a satellite-grade polarization entanglement controller.







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