Quantifying memory capacity as a quantum thermodynamic resource

Zapraszamy w środę  19.02.2020 o godz. 10:15, sala 361 na seminarium.

Seminarium pod tytułem: "Quantifying memory capacity as a quantum thermodynamic resource " poprowadzi Tanmoy Biswas, ICTQT


The information-carrying capacity of a memory is known to be a thermodynamic resource facilitating the conversion of heat to work. Szilard's engine explicates this connection through a toy example involving an energy-degenerate two-state memory. We devise a formalism to quantify the thermodynamic value of memory in general quantum systems with nontrivial energy landscapes. Calling this the thermal information capacity, we show that it converges to the non-equilibrium Helmholtz free energy in the thermodynamic limit. We compute the capacity exactly for a general two-state (qubit) memory away from the thermodynamic limit, and find it to be distinct from known free energies. We outline an explicit memory--bath coupling that can approximate the optimal qubit thermal information capacity arbitrarily well.





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