Kolmogorov consistency as a quantumness witness for external system

Zapraszamy w środę  12.02.2020 o godz. 10:15, sala 361 na seminarium.

Seminarium pod tytułem: "Kolmogorov consistency as a quantumness witness for external system" poprowadzi Fattah Sakuldee, ICTQT


We study the classicality of a finite quantum system, called environment, defined by commutativity of the associate operator algebra, given sequential measurements on the environment. We demonstrate by constructing a scheme of probing from the pure-dephasing-type interaction with a qudit and preparation-evolution-measurement protocol thereon, the weak measurement sequence on the studied environment can be induced and some characteristics of the environment can be extracted from measurement statistics. From the general measurements on the environment, we consider its Kolmogorov consistency, the situation when a shorter length joint probability can be extracted from the longer one by summing the missing all possible intermediate outcomes. We provide general criteria for equivalence between Kolmogorov consistency of the statistics for arbitrary measurements and commutativity property of operator algebra of the environment, and apply the criteria to show explicitly for the induced measurements. As a result, we show that Kolmogorov consistency of the probability can be considered as a quantumness witness for its corresponding operator algebra of the environment if the conditional Hamiltonians are all non-degenerate. For the qubit, the equivalence can be obtained in general if one considers two axes of measurements namely X and Y.





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