Generating Multipartite Entanglement with Linear Quantum Networks (LQNs) of Identical Particles


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Seminarium ONLINE pt.: Generating Multipartite Entanglement with Linear Quantum Networks (LQNs) of Identical Particles. SpeakerSeungbeom Chin (Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, Korea)



 Abstract:The indistinguishability of quantum identical particles has been widely used as a resource for the generation of entanglement. In this talk, I discuss the multipartite entanglement generation of identical particles with spatial overlap and internal state rotation, which can be realized as a linear quantum network (LQN) of identical particles. For the tripartite case, I explain schemes to generate two fundamental classes of genuine entanglement, i.e., GHZ and W classes, which are experimentally demonstrated with three photons. The tripartite entanglement class decays from the genuine entanglement to the full separability as the particles become more distinguishable from each other. To extend the tripartite results to an arbitrary N-partite case, I introduce a graph picture of LQNs, which provides a powerful tool for analyzing and designing LQNs to generate multipartite entanglement. Perfect matching diagrams (PM diagrams) in our graph picture furnish rigorous criteria for the entanglement of a given LQN and solid guidelines for designing suitable LQNs for the genuine entanglement.


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