Physics and Metaphysics of Wigner's Friends: Even performed pre-measurements have no results


Zapraszamy w środę 17.03.2021 o godz. 14:00 na seminarium.

Seminarium ONLINE pod tytułem: "Physics and Metaphysics  of Wigner's Friends: Even performed pre-measurements have no results" poprowadzi dr Marcin Markiewicz (ICTQT, University of Gdansk)

Abstract: The unambiguous account of proper quantum phenomena must, in principle, include a description of all relevant features of experimental arrangement" (Bohr). The measurement process is  composed of pre-measurement (quantum correlation of the system with the pointer variable), and an  irreversible decoherence  via interaction with an environment. The system ends up in a  probabilistic mixture of the eigenstates of the measured observable.  For pre-measurement stage,  any attempt to introduce an `outcome’  leads, as we show, to a logical contradiction, $1=i$.  This nullifies claims that a modified concept of Wigner’s Friend, who just pre-measures, can lead to valid results concerning quantum theory. 

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Data publikacji: poniedziałek, 8. Marzec 2021 - 11:35; osoba wprowadzająca: Małgorzata Szczekocka Ostatnia zmiana: środa, 5. Maj 2021 - 10:13; osoba wprowadzająca: Małgorzata Szczekocka