Semi-device-independent information processing with spatiotemporal degrees of freedom



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Seminarium ONLINE pod tytułem: "Semi-device-independent information processing with spatiotemporal degrees of freedom" poprowadzi Marius Krumm (IQOQI Vienna and University of Vienna)

Abstract: Nonlocality, as demonstrated by the violation of Bell inequalities, enables device-independent cryptographic tasks that do not require users to trust their apparatus. In this presentation, we consider devices whose inputs are spatiotemporal degrees of freedom, e.g. orientations or time durations. Without assuming the validity of quantum theory, we prove that the devices' statistical response must respect their input's symmetries, with profound foundational and technological implications. We exactly characterize the bipartite binary quantum correlations in terms of local symmetries, indicating a fundamental relation between spacetime and quantum theory. For Bell experiments characterized by two input angles, we show that the correlations are accounted for by a local hidden variable model if they contain enough noise, but conversely must be nonlocal if they are pure enough. This allows us to construct a "Bell witness" that certifies nonlocality with fewer measurements than possible without such spatiotemporal symmetries, suggesting a new class of semi-device-independent protocols for quantum technologies.







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Data publikacji: poniedziałek, 11. Styczeń 2021 - 10:16; osoba wprowadzająca: Małgorzata Szczekocka Ostatnia zmiana: środa, 5. Maj 2021 - 10:16; osoba wprowadzająca: Małgorzata Szczekocka