An operational proof of incompleteness of quantum theory

Zapraszamy w środę 4.11.2020 o godz. 14:00 na seminarium.

Seminarium ONLINE pod tytułem: "An operational proof of incompleteness of quantum theory" poprowadziAnubhav Chaturvedi, ICTQT

Abstract: What makes quantum theory stand out against general stochastic classical theories? Such a question necessitates a precise evaluation of the assumptions that go into the definition of classicality. To be of foundational, as well as technological significance, these assumptions must be operationally falsifiable. In this seminar, we shall derive operational properties, specifically statistical equalities, for any number of generalized (with unbounded cardinality) classical ensembles. These properties rely exclusively on operationally falsifiable assumptions. We shall then demonstrate the operational quantum violation of the equality for three preparations. This stems from (hidden-variable) incompleteness of quantum formalism, which in-turn powers quantum advantage. This forms a follow-up to arXiv:1909.07293v2







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